Sunday, November 9, 2008

Welcome, bloggers and bloggees

Welcome to my first post of my first blog, ever. Basically, you are right this second enjoying the fruits of my procrastinating labour. I should be doing laundry, buying groceries, ironing, packing my lunch for work tomorrow, cleaning my desk, doing my taxes (it's still 2008 right?), e-stalking (I mean, facebooking) my friends and enemies, and/or applying to jobs to meet my quota of rejected resumes for the week.

Instead, I've decided to attempt to join the ranks of my fellow techy twenty-somethings in forming a blog and writing about, pretty much nothing of interest to anyone other than myself (and even I have trouble staying interested most of the time). If nothing else I will have one place for all my warped ideas and thoughts to go, since my purse will likely soon collapse under the weight of my collection of bad ideas that seemed like good ideas at the time written down on multiple sheets of scrap paper (have I yet revealed how un-techy I really am?).

I'm not really sure how all of this works, or why anyone would read this, but should you have accidentally stumbled upon my blog on your way to a site that is actually useful in some sense, I'll do my best to entertain you while you're here (er, if you're entertained by one girl's strange criticisms of life, politics (mostly office and sexual), pop culture and the world in general as she trys to maintain sanity and find her god-given purpose in the apparently god-forsaken urban jungle. Enjoy.

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